Tuition Fee
(English follows below)
***Please note these are fees for in-person classes. Fees for OUTDOOR classes can be found on the relevant page***

  • レッスン料 24,500円(10レッスン)
  • 入会金 3,000円(初回のみ)

  • お子様二人目より、一人あたり13,600円 
  • 8ヶ月以下のお子様の場合は無料(二人目以降の場合 のみ適用)
  • 10レッスン分の費用 (plus ボーナスクラス)
  • 教材(歌の本、CD)


  • ¥24,500 (for 10 lessons) 
  • first time registration fee of ¥3,000
  • if you come with two children, the second child's tuition fee is ¥13,600 
  • babies 8 months old and under are free when they come with an older sibling
Tuition includes 10 lessons (with one free BONUS lesson at the end of term), color illustrated songbook and CD.

There are three, 10 week semesters each year (Spring, Autumn and Winter) and a shorter Summer term. Each term you will receive a new songbook and CD.