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ALBA Music Together のレッスン開始にむけ準備中です。デモレッスンはいつでもできます、国立音楽大学AIスタジオで行います。デモレッスンにご興味ある方は、メール、又は電話にてご連絡ください。日本語でご連絡頂いても結構です。 

Call or email ALBA Music Together to experience a demo lesson. 
Demo lessons take place in Kunitachi College of Music A.I. Studio in the shukaishitsu (in the basement).
Please contact Anneliese in English or Japanese to reserve a space or for more information.

Phone 080 3403 3656

Are you interested in coming to a demo class? Join us for 45 minutes of music making!
Please email or phone to reserve your space
Phone 080 3403 3656