The first lesson this term!

We had the first ever ALBA Music Together official lesson on Saturday! It was a great start to the Spring Course with 6 kids in the class. It was wonderful seeing the kids enjoy making music with their family and making new friends in the class. Everybody did a great job joining in with the songs and dancing. I'm really excited about this course. There are still spaces in the class so if you wish to join us for a demo lesson please get in touch.  If you decide to enrol with ALBA Music Together during the course of the Spring term, I can discount the tuition fee for the lessons you missed. The next lesson will be this Saturday 4/20 at 10:05 in Kunitachi College of Music A.I. Studio. 
クラスにはまだゆとりがございます。スプリングコースに途中から参加することもできます(レッスン日数によって割引あり)。ご希望の方は、ぜひご連絡ください。また、見学も随時受け付けております。次のクラスは 4/20, 10:05 から国立音楽大学A.I.スタジオになります。

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